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2007-01-01: Happy New Year. Time for my site's annual refresher over the next few weeks. According to some quick greps, last year's top 5 topics by comment volume were: debian, business, media, green issues and England (ID cards, civic info, and so on). Is that what visitors would like to see more?


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I'm back (again) but I'm not feeling 100% well (again). I'll write about the various events I attended and share the pictures as soon as I get bluetooth file transfer working (is that obex?) but here are some sites I commented on recently:

When is it going to be the norm for JavaScript?
Never, I hope.
Down with the Press Release!!
I wonder if I didn't like this because open letters aren't very common here.
Print before you think! - Atomo64's Blog - by Raphael
Reposting the old psnup -2 trick... works in Mozilla-based browsers, at least
How Old Are ProBlogger Readers? Poll Results
I whinge about ProBlogger's misuse of bar charts again...
How Much Money Do Bloggers Earn Blogging?
and again... guess I should stop doing that. But histograms ROCK. Excuse me - I'm still ill... » Blog Archive » Open-source innovation platform
I've seen a couple of these cooperative free software funding ideas recently. Here's one...
Information Unlimited » A proposal for user-driven commercial free software development.
and here's another...
and here's a little background on the first.
Sustaining Alternative Media - Bristol Indymedia to Bristol Social Forum
It's just too damn awkward to contribute to BIMC.
Miriam Ruiz: Journalists avoiding writing about Free Software?
Since when have journalists avoided writing about stuff because of criticism? Sounds like an excuse to me.
Issues Forums in the UK, Meet Tim Erickson in November at London E-Democracy 07 Conference | E-Democracy.Org - Project Blog
I did meet Tim. Which was nice.
Labour: Queen's Speech - full statement
I saw this site advertised on TV after the speech, visited it, asked a question. No answer. 'nuff said. I asked a question on another page and it was deleted unanswered. Control freakery at its best.
ConservativeHome's ToryDiary: Cameron takes Tory message of social justice to Labour heartlands
My question about the surprising Conservative Cooperative Movement announcement. No answer. Are all the political parties similar? Do any of them have any answers?
BBC Internet Blog - Linux Figures
Part one of the reaction of the BBC director who thought they only have 600 Linux users.
BBC Internet Blog - Open Standards
Part two of the reaction "The BBC is committed to open standards [...] wherever possible" - yeah, tell that to their satellite system and the Ceefax-killers! (Warning: may contain Andrew Suffield...)
BBC Internet Blog - Operating System Figures
Part three - explains just how their analysis system got the numbers so horrendously wrong. "All of the BBC's regular reporting mechanisms use the User Agent string" - D'oh!
Posted by mjr 2007-11-04

While bumbling about on a search engine, I found slides from a talk I gave in 2001 and these 2005 consultation submissions to the Department of Culture... about TV and the WSIS Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus

Here's some other stuff on other sites I wrote about since the last round-up of this sort:

A Cambridge Co-operator: Sorry!
EASF :: View topic - What happened to Norwich Citywide Co-op?
Bond films and the Roger Moore humor controversy « Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog
Does Having Fewer Rules Inspire Hard Work? | etbe
The Right Width for Your Blog
The Right Width for Your Blog
Shine » OpenStreetMap Cycle Map :: GravityStorm
Social mapping | Tom Chance's website
Russ Nelson: Chordite versus CyKey
The prescient TomTom
robmyers - Bender's Big Score
Citing References in Blog Posts | etbe
Matt Lee - Advogato | Exploring Freedom
Ross Burton
Inside the Box » Blog Archive » Linux On a Mobile PC
Javascript performance in browsers
Bryan Clark : Web Browser Homepage
BBC SPORT | Sport Editors' Blog | Behind the Scenes at BBC Sport: Weekend feedback
][ stefano maffulli » The end of a phase
A Cambridge Co-operator: Shoefayre / Cambridge City
(Persone) 12 25 Septembro 2007, 5:21
Buxy: DSA needs a leader

2007-08-13 (Permalink): Here's what I wrote on other people's sites last week: Welcome back..
MartynD reboots his blog yet again. This time with added eyetests.
Two Questions for All Serious Free Software Contributors
I answered, as did many others.
ProBlogger Redesign - Bedding Down for the Night
Much easier-to-read, but I still had an enhancement suggestion.
Blowing bubbles « niq's soapbox
Comment on house-building and house-owning in England today.
gravityboy: This Is My Good Free Software Experience
I think the GPL is useful for things other than programs and CC is confusing about DRM for everything.
Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho » I am going to rank MJ Ray low from now on
Commented more on my blog, but also directly. The criticism might be fairer if the SPI ballot were secret, but it isn't.
WEBlog -- Wouter's Eclectic Blog - Voting tactics
Is this about SPI? How is IRV broken?
Constitutional amendment: reduce the length of DPL election process
Amending the amendment proposal - got enough seconds to reach the ballot, for a change.
Amendment to: reduce the length of DPL election process
This one doesn't look like it will get onto the ballot. Informative subthread on combination of amendments.

Here's some of what I read last week:

talks with Linus Torvalds
He's much ruder than I am, but can get away with it because he's done more.
The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Richard Stallman - Edward O'Connor
He's much ruder than I am, but doesn't get away with it because he's done more.
Mayor wants London to copy Paris bike rentals | News | This is London
I saw those bikes in Paris. Seemed like a good idea.
Parisian-style hire bicycles to beat London traffic jams - Independent Online Edition > Transport
Slightly inaccurate report.
Hacking gadflies: Open Document Format
It's almost September again.
dgh: Bike power
Interesting idea.
apenwarr's log
quite a funny letter to google
Bristol Climate Protesters En-Route to Camp
My legs hurt after cycling only 6 miles yesterday. Not sure what I did wrong.
The Weston Mercury - Call to 'have a say' on the future of Britain
Pensioners to save country. Or not.
BBC NEWS | Technology | UN's website breached by hackers
Can't be bothered to check netcraft.
Little's Log: North Norfolk Councillor defects to UKIP
Little's still raging against the media.

2007-08-06 (Permalink): I've been offline, but I think I've caught up now. Email if you think I missed you.

Here's some of what I did before I went offline:

robmyers » Seller's Remorse
Social Contract ten years on July 5 -- celebration?
Advertising Free Software Projects | etbe
A Cambridge Co-operator: Great News
Cooperative? My Arse | Web design and development techniques by Steve Tucker
Anti-DRM campaign, Apple Store, London.
Place Your Blog on a 'Busy Intersection'
Should Links from Your Blog Open in a New Window? Reader Opinions
Co-opNet :: View topic - What Crisis
LWN: Totally "free" Ubuntu? That's the plan for Gobuntu (
The Problem with RSS
Property of a Lady » Answers to Love Is Strange Trivia
Fairtrade Beer « niq's soapbox
Co-opNet :: View topic - The Cooperative Tour de France
ITV response to Coverage Question... - Page 3 - ITV Message Boards
Why doesn't Online Main Stream Media link?
Property of a Lady » Tuesday Trivia: Dance
Humor for Bond 22? « Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog
lamby :: blog :: Graduation
itv and Other Tours Coverage: Vuelta, ToB
Reflowd - Recentlog
Reflowd - Source code
Aaargh! « niq's soapbox


2007-08-28 (Permalink):

"BOWN. Walter Sydney (Wally). Passed away on Monday, August 20th, 2007, aged 74 years. He will be greatly missed by all of his family and friends. The funeral service will be held on Thursday, August 30th, 12.30pm, Weston-super-Mare Crematorium. Family flowers only, donations if desired for Weston Hospicecare, c/o The Elms Funeral Directors, 50 Baker Street, Weston-super-Mare. Telephone 01934 616006."

(From the Weston & Somerset Mercury, 23rd August 2007 issue)

So I'm not blogging much just now. I think usual service should resume Friday 31 August.


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