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7 Reasons Why Firefox 3 Download Day Sucks

Wed, 18 Jun 2008 14:06:57 +0100

Download Day 2008

  1. It's every where on TV and in print, even in Esperanto, which doesn't even have an official translation - only a third-party add-on Esperanto language pack.
  2. It was late even for the US and after most of Europe finished work AFAIK.
  3. There's no official bittorrent.
  4. There's no link to the source code from the main download page as far as I can tell. It may be mostly free software, but it feels like MozCorp don't want pesky users changing things.
  5. It brings more changes for webmasters (which is another reason I code to standards whenever possible, but I bet some of the free software web applications we use will need upgrades).
  6. It might be the "most stupid world record ever" (or at least useless) and comes just as some browsers move away from the Gecko engine.
  7. ...and all this irritation came before I've even built and installed the damn thing!

Seriously: the browser looks like a big improvement from Firefox 2, but there are so many niggles with this download day idea...

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Submitted at 0835 on 02 Jul by Dave (broken email address)

Look, Firefox 3 sucks for a whole bunch of reasons, but "There's no official bittorrent"? WTF?

That's the lamest reason ever for saying something sucks. bittorrent sucks. The only reason to use bittorent is to get illegally get copyrighted music, videos, software, etc. for free.

Firefox is directly downloadable via ftp and http. Both of which are flipping fast compared to bittorrent. Yeah, I'd rather wait 6 days for a download instead of 3 minutes. That makes sense.

Next thing you're going tell me is that it's the plane ride to Guantanamo bay that really sucks.

Submitted at 1505 on 04 Jul by MJ Ray

The title of the post is "Firefox 3 Download Day sucks", but I guess your reading ability is as poor as your ability to type your own email address.

bittorrent is a cooperative download method and seems to work pretty well for those of us on a different continent to the download server.

If you only use it illegally, that's your lookout.

Oh, and I didn't mind the plane ride to Havana, and the US should stop squatting in Guantanamo bay.

Submitted at 1508 on 18 Jun by Jonas

8. It's probably the most over-rated browser in existance.

Submitted at 1607 on 18 Jun by Thomas

8. The mozilla website was not ready to handle the amount of downloads, which even brought it down for some time. Self-DDOS!

Submitted at 1627 on 18 Jun by Stavros Giannouris

Just ignore all this marketing crap and go on with your life ;-) I did download an installer yesterday for some windows boxen I have to have around, but not through the official pages (where the download would count) but directly from a mirror ftp near me and let the others wait for the mozilla.com page to be served. And of course, I'll get the package from my package manager when it shows up there for my workstation, so no participation from me at all.

Stupid idea? Maybe, but the marketing worked. That was the point for those who care. I will patiently wait for a stable epiphany-webkit release and then will probably leave firefox.

Submitted at 1748 on 18 Jun by MJ Ray

I wish I could ignore it, but I predict that I'm going to start getting FF3-related bug reports pretty soon so it's easier if I look now.

Unhappily, FF3 requires so many version upgrades on my work system that it's finally time for me to upgrade it to GoboLinux 014.

Submitted at 1929 on 18 Jun by Adam Sampson

I was particularly impressed by the way that, after building from source, it asks you to accept an obnoxious, non-free EULA when you run it. Erm, no, thanks.

(Setting "browser.EULA.override" to true in prefs.js appears to fix this. Now just to deal with everything else that's broken...)

Submitted at 0021 on 20 Jun by Dan

You mean you've actually been able to see a copy of it, dude, thats more than I could get, all I saw was the *.PDF that said thanks for downloading and setting a new record. What download???

Submitted at 1001 on 20 Jun by MJ Ray

I downloaded it from the source link above (because I don't run one of their supported systems and don't want a fat binary). A review will follow in a few days, once I've had time to use it properly.

Submitted at 1445 on 20 Jun by MJ Ray

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