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Dangling the Bluetooth Dongle in front of the Penguin

Tue, 22 Apr 2008 00:43:38 +0100

[Photo of Dongle]
Tux likes this fish-like object.

I finally got bluetooth file transfer working between my phone and laptop a little while ago. It wasn't particularly hard, although there were a couple of dead ends.

The basic bluetooth layer is petty easy. Start dbus, start hcid, start passkey-agent if you've not paired the two. It seems to be a bit simpler to start the pairing from the phone. Then use sdptool browse to check the phone is seen clearly.

After that, it got a bit complicated. obexftp worked well enough as far as it went, putting items onto the phone and getting files off the phone, but I couldn't work out how to get some items off the phone. They just didn't appear in the obexftp or obexfs listings. So I wondered if it night be easier to start the transfer from the phone.

There's an obexftpd, but I didn't figure out how to send it files. I also tried to compile opd but I think it offer patching for modern gccs. (Anyone got these working?)

What I did get to work was sobexsrv - just tell it a directory and it puts any files it's sent there. Works a treat.

One other thing that has been really useful is anyremote. It's a command server for the GNU/Linux side and a Java client for the phone. The phone mostly picks from option menus or preprogrammed keys, but editable fields are also possible. You can run any commands that the server configuration allows, including starting file transfers. I think that's possible because remote control and object transfer are on different bluetooth channels, but I don't really understand it yet.

I've improved the RSS reader to use xsltproc and added shell commands to it. Once I'm fairly sure it's reliable, I'll upload it near here.

(Posted in part due to an ALUG thread which reminded me about this forgotten draft.)

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Submitted at 1729 on 22 Apr by Marius Gedminas

gnome-obex-server is a simple way to accept Bluetooth file transfers from the phone. It sits as an icon in your systray and pops up confirmation dialogs showing the file name when someone sends you a file.

gnome-obex-send is the opposite: for sending files from your laptop to a Bluetooth device.

Neither gives you the ability to browse a filesystem through OBEX FTP.

Submitted at 1038 on 26 Apr by MJ Ray

I hope that's useful to someone. I don't use Gnome.

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