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No Battles - Just Stand Firm On Best Practice

Fri, 16 May 2008 08:52:52 +0100

"Here are three examples of rules that I think it's time to abandon. These particular examples are all about email.

1/ Top Posting [...]

2/ HTML Email [...]

3/ Reply-To On Mailing Lists [...]

So, yes, the barbarians are at the gate. The lunatics have taken over the asylum. Good ideas have been crushed by the number of people who don't understand them. But there's no point in complaining about it. You just have to accept it and move on."

-- Pointless Battles For Geeks, By Dave Cross

Unsurprisingly, given the above links to my site, I disagree with Dave Cross's conclusion, but I do agree with two aspects: battling is generally pointless and using hard rules about these things is unnecessary.

I have those pages on my website so that I can point to them when their broken emails aren't handled as expected. I use some aspects of them as scoring inputs in my mail filters. I don't use them as rules and I try not to complain about them too often.

Nevertheless, I still believe sending properly-trimmed plain text emails from a list-friendly email client is clearly best practice, to be recommended when someone asks why their email bad habits are causing them problems.

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Submitted at 1710 on 16 May by Mind Booster Noori

Agreed. Just to add to your page about List-* support in various e-mail clients: KMail nowadays support it well, at least the things I use... Maybe it's time to update that list? ;-)

Submitted at 1203 on 17 May by MJ Ray

Probably. I'll check its manuals when I get time, unless anyone wants to mail me a patch. KMail's support used to be bizarre.

Actually, where is the manual? I can't see it on the KMail page at all.

Submitted at 0000 on 18 May by Mind Booster Noori

Well, I use it and it supports... "well for me": I don't know how bizarre or RFC-compliant it is (sorry).

The KMail handbook can be seen here

Looking to the date tho, I would guess that the manual isn't up to date...

Submitted at 1402 on 18 May by MJ Ray

Thanks for the link.

It looks like KMail's now RFC-compliant (the Detect Automatically bit) so I can uprate it to "Good", but this makes it look like you have to switch list-friendly features on for each list, which sort of sucks and stops it being "Excellent" in my opinion. Why isn't list-detection on by default?

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