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Sky Data Protection

Sat, 24 May 2008 08:52:34 +0100

For the first time in a while, I've filed a data protection complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office about a company's bad behaviour.

Take a bow, Sky TV! Claiming that you can't remove my details from your mailing lists because I'm not one of your customers is stupid beyond belief. If I'm not one of your customers, never have been and have never permitted you to have my personal details, then you shouldn't have them anyway and you definitely shouldn't keep them after I've asked you to stop.

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Submitted at 1250 on 24 May by s j west

Sky decided to 'lose' the few people who know the systems. The 'lost' apparently still get called in occasionally when the less talented and cheaper staff still employed by Rupert Murdoch and family cannot figure it out.

Do not associate iq or 'geek brains' with sky. It is not economic or the Murdoch way of doing business.

The ico are pretty clueless too, probably could not organise a party in a brewery.

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