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UK mobile micropublishing choices?

Sat, 26 Apr 2008 01:08:35 +0100

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My communications connection

I'm going travelling this summer. I don't know what internet connection I'll have (if any) but I'm pretty sure I'll have fairly cheap SMS access from my phone. Maybe even MMS. So, I want to use one of the mobile micropublishers to try to avoid sending international SMSes to lots of people.

Facebook doesn't look good - it gives a shortcode (which would cost me extra to use and I don't know whether it works while roaming), has no number for SMS that I found and it looks like O2 is the only UK carrier it knows - bizarre.

LiveJournal has mobile access but the FAQ makes it look like it's only for paying users. If I was sure it was going to work, I might pay and support the GPL'd codebase.

Jaiku is cost-free and gives an SMS number, but is joining the Goolag and I don't see how to download their Java applet.

Twitter is cost-free, gives an SMS number and looks like it plays nice with Jabber (which is already on my phone), so that looks good but I found some complaints about whether SMSes get through.

20six is a German-based cost-free service which takes SMS and email (which is also on my phone), so that also looks good, but there are some old doubts about whether it will stay cost-free.

Is there a service you'd recommend?

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Submitted at 0821 on 26 Apr by Simon Richter

I use BlogPlanet to write entries on my mobile and upload them via BlogAPI (XMLRPC based).

Works fine, except for the camera interface on my 6320i; the catch is that unless you pay for the software, it will append a banner to every post.

I think most if not all of the service providers you mentioned support this interface; however you could also load the appropriate plug-in on your regular site.

Submitted at 1148 on 26 Apr by Mark Brown

My experience has been that SMS submission to Twitter has been very reliable - it's how I do most of my updates. I'm not sure you're going to get much better without changing the price. Obviously, you do need a reliable SMS provider too.

Submitted at 1037 on 27 Apr by MJ Ray

BlogPlanet looks interesting, but I don't think it's any good for me this time because it looks like it uses a data connection. I don't know whether I'll have data service, so things like email or jabber interfaces are only a secondary concern.

I'm glad to hear a Twitter report from someone else with a UK phone.

Thanks both!

Submitted at 2357 on 27 Apr by Andrew Wafaa

I have had more success using Twitter via SMS than using their own web client. I think that the odd post not appearing is pretty much down to volume of traffic going through. At the end of the day it's the old "You get what you pay for" scenario (unfortunately).

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