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Weston-super-Mare (WsM) and surrounding area

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Now on the west coast

Finally, I'm on the west coast of England, after living most of my life in East Anglia. I'm going to be slow-to-respond for the next few days while I update various location pointers (at least 36 of them, by current estimate) and then I'll describe the whole tortured saga. I didn't want to do so while it was happening, in case solicitors read this.

It is so cool being able to look out of my office window and see Wales across the sea, though.

A note on phone numbers and forms

It sucks that despite (and apparently maybe because of) not being a BT customer any more, BT can still delay my new phone line and broadband until a fortnight after moving in. (Ask not how I am online at the moment, for it is truly evil.)

It sucks more that online forms for some essential services won't let you register a change of address if you don't have a telephone number. Bad Anglian Water. Bad North Somerset Council.

It sucks even more that online forms for Wessex Water try to make you agree to even more restrictive terms than if you use the equivalent paper forms - I'm pretty sure their online terms break the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regs, but I'm not starting that fight just now.

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Other local matters

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