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Publications and Speeches

This list is very incomplete.

News articles and support writing, tsw, 1997-2001

tsw was UEA's online student community. I learned a lot from all the fantastic people who worked on it with me, from across all subjects at the university. This was the site where I really learned how to be a better webmaster. I didn't always get things right, but I tried to learn from each mistake.

Thanks to web.archive.org, you can see the front page develop from 1998, mid-2000 and the award-winning late-2000 to 2001. It was:

  • Winner - The Independent/NUS Student Journalism Awards 2000 for Best Website
  • Runner-up - The Independent/NUS Student Journalism Awards 2001 for Best Website
  • Runner-up - The Guardian Student Media Awards 2000 for Best Website

I've taken a copy of tsw's history and updated it.

Writer, IceWM Themes.org

A computer desktop enhancement site, now merged into Freshmeat.net as just a themes archive. There's an [archived copy](http://web.archive.org/web/19991128034313/http://icewm.themes.org/) of this too.

Fixer, FSFEurope web site, FSF Europe, 2003

No longer helping because of silly terms.

MJ Ray, Rcgi 4: Making web statistics even easier. R News, 1(1):20-21, January 2001. [ Rnews download site ]

I actually forgot that I wrote this until finding it online over two years later.

MJ Ray, A preview of the LinuxDay 2001 events, Think Open (site closed but archived), 2001

Fun site to work on, but never realised its potential, because of similar zine sites appearing at the same time and a volunteer staff with other jobs during a boom time.

Webmaster, La Société Française

My first webmastering work, 1994-[1998](http://web.archive.org/web/19981207073741/www.uea.ac.uk/~sulsf/).

MJ Ray (as "Mark Ray"), Dependency Diagrams, ACM Crossroads, 2.3, February 1996

Quite naive, but I still like this article as I've still not seen a similar idea. Maybe my oldest original page still online.


Normal photos, most recent first: Me in 2003 (1st) [C]Me in 2003 (2nd) [C]Me in 2002 (1st)
[C]Me in 2002 (2nd) [C]Me in 2000

Me with long hairThe last one is a picture of me in the prime of my time as an academic, with nice long hair. It'll probably never be like that again.


More to come as I find their URLs and edit this.


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