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Hi, I'm MJ Ray. I'm a free software web developer, statistician, sysadmin and writer, living in Setchey near King's Lynn, Norfolk, England and before that I was in Kewstoke, near Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, and this is my personal website. I've such a lot of work to do at the moment that I rarely get time to tidy up this website. Sorry about that. I've been building this website for over ten years, so there's a lot of stuff to organise.


Latest information

Cooperatives that I am a member of:-

  1. Worker-member of software.coop (Turo Technology LLP) (main work)
  2. Director of Somerset Co-operative Services (also liaison for software.coop)
  3. Member and Agent for The Phone Coop
  4. Active member of The Co-operative Group (old news about it)
  5. Supporter of Cooperatives SW (my news, attending for somerset.coop, steering group member 2006-2010)
  6. Active member of Anglia Co-operative
  7. Active member of Norfolk Credit Union
  8. Idle member of East of England Co-op
  9. Some others...

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My email page has contact info (and tips on writing good email that won't get lost among the spam) or you can use my work contact form. If you're replying to an article on my site, there should be a comments form near it - if so, please use it. Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

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