Debian Packages for Wily

I maintain the Debian package of Wily and want to keep it in stable releases.

Useful links

The first task is to get to know the debian package, which can be done via these links.

  • Debian package development summary page for wily
    • Debian package page for wily
    • Bug tracking page for wily
    • Debian build logs for wily
  • Wily home page

Task list

Next I intend to compile a list of tasks that I think need doing. Feel free to email me and offer to help out.

  1. Squash all bugs
  2. Send fixes upstream if required
  3. Package 9libs
  4. Package wily 9libs and replace wily with it

Tasks done

I'll try to keep track of what I've been doing recently here:

2019, MJ Ray