Debian Packages for PLT-Scheme

This was a humble attempt to cure enough of the bugs in the debian packages of PLT Scheme that they are allowed into the next stable release.

Useful links

The first task is to get to know the debian package, which can be done via these links.

Task list

Next I intend to compile a list of tasks that I think need doing. Feel free to email me and offer to help out.

  1. Familiarise myself with the current drscheme package source
  2. Squash all bugs
  3. Send fixes upstream if required
  4. Port the package build system to the released source, if possible
  5. Package all libraries

Tasks done

I'll try to keep track of what I've been doing recently here:

Odd version numbering

I replied to this bug report, as I can't see how to map PLT Scheme version numbers onto debian ones. Can you ?

More info...

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