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Welcome to MJR.Towers

Welcome to the news section of my web site. I'll figure out how to put the picture back soon.

Free Software as Lego

An article still being written, but quite fun all the same. Infinite combinations. Now there's an idea.

Andrew's list of wifi links

Savs has been collecting a list of wifi hotspot directories. Now that I've got it, I'll be using this some time soon, I expect. I added another one to it. [17 Dec 03]

Half of firms want GNU/Linux, say IBM

Well, IBM have quite an interest in moving people away from Microsoft these days, so I'm sceptical that they'd publish a survey saying anything really bad, but the scale of this suprised me. Link to silicon.com article.

Bowling for Columbine

I watched this film, as it was on C4 recently. I watched it with mixed emotions. Michael Moore ultimately does some good, both about his home town and about Columbine, but is it right to make a film centred around these tragedies. I guess it might make some people think, but what a hook to hang it on. This link goes to an article on Moore's web site that responds to some of the things written about him and the film since its release.

Cambridge-St.Ives Rail Link

While the Cambs CC slowly grind away at getting permission to put a special- purpose bus road where an easily usable railway line is, some people have dusted off the 1990s plans to reopen it made by... Cambs CC! This is the largest group and invites more members who want to see Cambridge reconnect to Huntingdon along the existing railway line, eventually. [22 Nov 03]

Interview with GNUstep's Nicola Pero

Interesting interview and it even mentions ideas as a motivation force. An enjoyable insight into a developer's reasons for helping. [22 Nov 03]

Mark Shuttleworth on SchoolTool development

I think this is one of the most interesting pieces about development of free software that I've read in the last couple of months, since I reduced the number of lists. Some of the reasons for failure of an earlier project are given and how they're addressed (or not) is spelt out. Ignore me pontificating later in the list, please. [19 Nov 03]

IRDA patch for Linux kernel

Brett tells me this will be a useful patch if my IRDA USB device doesn't work. I must get that working RSN.

Investigating SXML and SSAX

IBM's developerWorks runs an article on the Scheme XML representation and the most common library for handling it. Oleg wasn't aware of this article before it was published and the author uses Guile, which isn't in the basic SSAX distribution. Interesting. [31 Oct 2003]

Lobby your MP now!

The next stage of the software patent process is to convince the Council of Ministers that they should not reverse Parliament's amendments or veto the directive. To do this, convince your MP to contact your nation's minister and convey your concerns. This site suggests how to do that in the UK. [12 Oct 2003]

Can you help fix a buggy C book?

Graham Trott posted a message about a C programming book that is available free online under a very liberal copyright licence, but Richard Kettlewell wrote about a number of bugs. I'd really appreciate it if someone could help fix the bugs described, as people often seem to ask about good books on C. [10 Oct 2003]

An IRC introduction to arch

For those of you that want a practical, discursive introduction to GNU arch, this is a very good thing to read.

Writing Free Software

Interesting list of hints on how to get started on Free Software projects. A lot of this rings true, so if you want to help, help yourself by reading this. [24 Sep 02]

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