MJR's slef-reflection


Hi! You've probably landed at this page because some fool used it as an example of how not to use frames. Maybe they even blamed it on RTV-SLO (didn't they think it was odd that Slovenia's national broadcaster was on a UK domain?).

Well, this page was mine: it has been my first page of the day for a while, downloading 8 or 10 or so pages into resizable frames, so I could quickly check common web sites.

I know it had accessibility problems. I described it in my note called Uses and abuses of frames.

I've been a webmaster since 1995 and I know how to follow the accessibility guidelines, as well as the very few occasions when it's worth breaking them. If you'd like to hire me to develop your website, please see my work site.

If you'd like to know where the frameblaster went, please email me.

This website is copyright 2007 MJ Ray. See fuller notice on front page.