MJR Links: Writing Style

Some links that I've found helpful in mending my ways...

How to deliver a report without getting lynched
Basic style of how to report concerns and problems in a way that is likely to be listened to.
How to criticise?
An article I wrote at Advogato, asking for people's opinions on how to be an effective critic of a Free Software project. Some very smart people answered my questions.
Free Software Rage
Another article from Advogato, on the flip-side of the previous one. If you're not careful in your interactions with a project, you could be contributing to this.
How to write good bug reports
How to report a bug in the most efficient way possible.
How to Criticise People without Causing Offence
Lifehacker advice from an Oxford meditator.
All you ever do is criticise!
From a religious site (I think), this article tries to explain why changes in education have made criticism more common in our modern Anglo-Saxon societies. I think it's aimed at the US, but could be true for the UK too.
Managing Praise and Criticism
More manager-y but might still contain some useful ideas.

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