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Scheme Read News estas simpla uzretleganto por linuks konzolo, skribas MzSkime. Gxi estus UTF-8-pura kaj plej rapida, kiu estas mia celoj por skribi gxin. Gxi povas esti konzola NNTP-ilo.

Gxi penas sekvi "Good Net-keeping Seal of Approval", sed ekzistas eraroj. Kelkaj estas notoj per "FIXME" en la fonto, kaj ekzistas TODO. Mi sxatus flikojn (diff -u, bonvolu) por plibonigi gxin.

17 Decembro 2003, liberigis versio 1.0.0 (GnuPG sig)

Scheme Read News is a simple news reader for the console, written in MzScheme. It should be UTF-8 clean and very fast, which were the main motivations for writing it. It can also act as a console tool for NNTP.

It tries to follow the Good Net-keeping Seal of Approval rules, but there are some places where it's broken. They're noted with FIXME comments in the code. There's also a TODO list of improvements. I welcome patches (diff -u please) to improve it.

17 December 2003 saw the release of version 1.0.0 (GnuPG sig)

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