British Language Free Software Projects

The freedom to adapt free software enables it to meet local needs. This is particularly important for a diverse country like ours. Localisation includes adapting software to fit UK laws and regulation, and translation into languages used here. I also list some projects based here and some translation tools.

I am merely listing these projects. I am not active in all of them. If you want news about them, or their current status, please visit their web sites and ask the people listed there. If you have updated or new URLs, please contact me.

Translation Projects

These could be important in supporting free software in the UK. I link them here so that readers can watch their sites for news more easily.

Cornish (kw)
Welsh (cy)
English (en_GB)
Irish Gaelic (ga)
Scots Gaelic (gd)
Scots (sco)
Esperanto (eo)

(ok, not British native, but we have speakers of it)

Localised projects

These projects produce free software which meets some UK-specific conditions.

Some UK-based projects

Although these projects are not localising other software for the UK, they are based in the UK and work well on UK computers.

Translation Tools

These tools may help you to translate software into the languages listed above.

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