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photo This section is part of something like a blog. You can subscribe to RSS 1.0 feeds of the entire thing, just hacking or just scheme. The scheme feed will be the base for the new SWN once ready. I fail to keep details about me up to date. To contact me or comment on this, see my email page.

Someone commented that the last post had a 2005 permalink despite being posted in 2006. Well, behind the scenes, there's been a bit of a change for the new year which wasn't quite ready in time.

Old production method

I fed email to a script that added it to the html page, then another script added that to the RSS feeds.

New production method

I make the html for the post (usually with an editor, but I could render an email or whatever) and then a script builds the RSS from the index.

As far as the outside world is concerned, the only changes should be from .html# to a simple / in the permalinks. Old posts stay where they are for now, until I get around to sorting and archiving them.

(Update: ho ho, first upload was a bit wrong in two ways, but this one is better.)

(Update 2: ho ho, planet keeps displaying items after they've been deleted from the feed, unlike other aggregators. Sorry, planet debian.)

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