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Buying a laptop without Windows is simpler than trying to get a refund for Windows (Jon Grant's Technorama)
<p><em>"manufacturers which are happy to sell laptops with Ubuntu GNU+Linux, or simply with no-OS pre-installed"</em></p>

Posted on 2011-05-09T10:59:09-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

UK jails teen for refusing to disclose password
<p><em>"He was formally asked to disclose his password but failed to do so, which is an offence under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, police said."</em></p>

Posted on 2010-10-07T10:11:06-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Council tax: A policy that doesn't add up | Editorial | Comment is free | The Guardian
<p><em>"by ducking out of revising council tax and the system of local government finance, the coalition is preaching localism when it comes to council cost-cutting, but centralism on money-raising"</em></p>

Posted on 2010-09-27T13:16:43-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Open Source Software Licensing Posted Thu, 09/09/2010 - 12:16 by Mark Russell
<p><em>"Directgov Innovate strongly advocates the use of open source software and we want your views on the best ways to licence government and public projects. Which licence do you think would best suit our projects?"</em></p>

Posted on 2010-09-10T09:10:52-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Unethical Library Vendors: A Call to Arms for Libraries to Fight Back | Librarian in Black Blog – Sarah Houghton-Jan
<p><em>"We need to vote with our wallets and choose to work with vendors who provide the best possible products for the money, are fast to respond to technology trends, do not engage in shady business practices, and treat their customers with respect."</em></p>

Posted on 2010-08-26T11:19:47-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

BBC: A novel idea: Take a look inside the library pub
<p><em>'A pub in the Yorkshire Dales which also doubles as a library may be a vision of the future for many communities.'</em></p>

Posted on 2010-08-24T08:25:53-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Weston pier project firm goes into liquidation BBC
<p><em>I wonder if this will cause another delay. Ow!</em></p>

Posted on 2010-08-19T09:19:35-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

<p><em>Interesting attempt to justify canonical's fork of gnome on launchpad. Don't agree with it myself.</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-30T08:42:53-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

SkyRiver Files Antitrust Suit Against OCLC
<p><em>Mixed feelings about this one. OCLC is a co-op but their tight control of WorldCat does seem uncooperative.</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-29T15:55:11-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

BBC: Hurt cyclist rescued by Avon Valley Railway steam train
<p><em>Railway backs up a train to help paramedics. Do you think First would back up a bus to help? Me neither.</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-28T13:38:30-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

BBC: French company buys Aberystwyth dairy company Rachel's
<p><em>I didn't know they were US-owned. "A dairy company known for its organic yogurts has been sold by its American owners to a rival French firm. Rachel's, based in Aberystwyth, has been been bought by Groupe Lactalis"</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-28T13:33:58-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Pride Bristol | 14 – 22 Aug 2010
<p><em>"This year Pride comes to Bristol. Pride Bristol 2010 is organised by the LGBT community for the people of the South West. Pride Week Aug 14 – 22 offers an array of diverse cultural events, and culminates in Pride Day, a large free festival in Castle Park on Sat 21 Aug."</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-28T10:26:00-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

CBI argues for takeover code to be tightened | Business | The Guardian
<p><em>Oh look, the Confederation of British Industry has just realised that capitalist globalisations inevitably means there will be more non-British owners of "UK" companies than British ones. Will they realise #coops mean firms trading in the UK have owners in the UK?</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-28T09:07:07-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

BBC - Do speed cameras really cut accidents?
<p><em>I guess we might be about to get some better data about whether speed or volume has a bigger effect on safety, which should answer some questions around the toll road.</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-27T17:09:31-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

dcms: Review of Arm's Length Bodies
<p><em>Is this a good thing or not? Mixed feelings: "abolishing the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council to focus efforts on front-line, essential services and ensure greater value for money - Government support for museums, libraries and archives will continue"</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-27T09:02:01-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

BBC News England: Demolition of Gateshead Get Carter car park starts
<p><em>Everything becomes a mall over time. 'Bulldozers moved on to the Trinity Square site, which featured in Michael Caine film Get Carter, three years after revamp plans were announced.'</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-27T06:58:34-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Overturned milk lorry closes the A37 near Ston Easton
<p><em>Ok, so fruit and cream a few days ago, milk today... When's the coffee coming?</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-25T14:47:26-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

WPA2 vulnerability found
<p><em>'researchers say they have uncovered a vulnerability in the WPA2 security protocol, which is the strongest form of Wi-Fi encryption and authentication currently standardized and available. Malicious insiders can exploit the vulnerability, named "Hole 196" by the researcher'</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-25T09:50:44-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Proprietary technology is a waste of money, says Kroes
<p><em>"Many authorities have found themselves unintentionally locked into proprietary technology for decades. After a certain point that original choice becomes so ingrained that alternatives risk being systematically ignored, no matter what the potential benefits. This is a waste of public money that most public bodies can no longer afford."</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-24T17:38:46-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Sky ride Bath
<p><em>Puzzled by timing of Bath skyride on last day of #tdf - were they expecting teamsky not to do much?</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-24T09:22:12-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Budget Cuts Force British Government To Shut Down Mysterious Seaside Village
<p><em>I am not a number. I am a free budget cut!</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-24T09:07:34-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Fruit and cream lorry overturns on A30 in Somerset
<p><em>How very Somerset: A lorry containing five tonnes of cream and 12 tonnes of fruit has overturned on the A30 between Chard and Ilminster.</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-23T22:15:58-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Present and future threats to software freedom
<p><em>Slides from a talk at Manchester Free Software</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-23T21:34:29-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Graham Taylor and Karsten Gerloff on open source in Europe
<p><em>report with an audio recording</em></p>

Posted on 2010-07-06T22:12:05-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

Positive reflections on failure | ZDNet
<p><em>"here are two poems that express a distinctly positive attitude toward failure. These poems were both written by Sri Chinmoy, an Indian teacher and artist who died in 2007."</em></p>

Posted on 2010-06-28T12:17:04-05:00 - Latest version and comments.

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