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Warning: may contain unconsidered opinions and stuff I've just plain not thought through properly.

Stuttering through comment spam

I get too much spam and some of it isn't obvious from the subject line, particularly if it's a blog comment, so I use the following script to read the suspicious emails and pause at the bottom of each mail.

It takes two optional parameters, explained in the comments below. Please comment on any obvious improvements to this quick hack.

#!/usr/bin/mzscheme -qr
(let ((c (or (and (> (vector-length argv) 0)
                  (string->number (vector-ref argv 0)))
             1)) ; first arg is how long to pause in seconds, default 1
      (re (or (and (> (vector-length argv) 1)
                   (regexp (vector-ref argv 1)))
              (regexp "^From [^ ]*@"))) ; second arg is regexp to pause at
      (i #f))
  (let loop ((l (read-line)))
    (if (regexp-match re l) (if i (sleep c) (set! i #t)))
    (write-string l) (newline)
    (if (not (eof-object? (peek-char))) (loop (read-line)))))
# An earlier version in perl
$c = ($ARGV[0]||1); # How long to pause, in seconds
$re = ($ARGV[1]||'^From [^ ]*@'); # What to pause on
$i = 0;
while (<STDIN>) {
  if (/$re/) { if ($i) { sleep ($c) } $i=1; }
  print $_;

(2007-10-31: 1 comment)

Posted on 2007-10-16T15:41:00Z - Latest version and comments.

Scheme Steering Committee announcements: R6RS Errata and Electorate; Voting Schedule

1. A list of errata to the 5.97 document has been posted. Regardless of the outcome of ratification, typos, minor inconsistencies, and other similar errors reported to the editors will be fixed before the report becomes final.

2. Voter registration ended at 20:00 GMT on July 15. A list of registered voters and their statements is posted Voters should check that their own information appears on the voter roll as they expected. Any irregularities (missing entries, fraudulent entries, duplicate or plagiarized statements, etc.) should be brought to the attention of the Steering Committee, who will take appropriate action. Voters will receive a message with instructions on how to cast their ballots.

3. The remainder of the schedule is: 1. Voting starts: July 29. 2. Voting ends: August 12. 3. Official results announced: August 26.

For the Steering Committee, --Mitch

Posted on 2007-07-27T10:01:00Z - Latest version and comments.

R6RS Libraries and Syntax-case Macros: Version 5.95

Version 5.95 is compatible with the draft version R5.95RS of the Scheme language report - added Larceny, MzScheme and Chez compatibilty files.

Posted on 2007-07-05T08:56:00Z - Latest version and comments.

PS/Tk 2007-06-27
PS/Tk is a portable interface between the Scheme programming language and the Tk Toolkit. This version adds support for a lot of Scheme implementations by re-importing code from the Snow version (see homepage).

Posted on 2007-07-04T10:52:00Z - Latest version and comments.

STklos 0.96 - a Scheme compiler/interpreter
The aim of this implementation is to be fast as well as light. The implementation is based on an ad-hoc Virtual Machine. STklos can also be compiled as a library, so one can easily embed it in an application. This release introduces a simple FFI (Foreign Function Interface), Better support for FreeBSD, Fixed a bug when using the -j option of make during bootstrap, Fixed several problems with ScmPkg packages installation.

Posted on 2007-07-04T10:51:00Z - Latest version and comments.

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