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Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambs, Essex

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This is the alugtalk template, named after the main photo's topic. It has the following distinctive combination of benefits:

  1. Top-right shows a real kit meeting, with some talking and some hacking in front. This demonstrates the expertise which is ALUG's main asset - and is also a fun joke, as one expert appears to be showing others "the light";
  2. Replaceable "place" image top-left (currently shows Tux imitating the Anglia Knight from the 1970s/80s, which lots of people still remember and anyway FSF is 20 years old, right?);
  3. East Anglia map on right (massively hacked over from a PostScript one);
  4. Quick links in right-hand column with large clickable area;
  5. Large user-styled space bottom-left for main content;
  6. Behind-title images can be hidden easily without disrupting layout, because they are linked from the stylesheet;
  7. Fast for dialup: total template download of 28kb.