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Site Engine 2

Site Engine 2 is a content management and discussion system for news and feature web sites. Site Engine 2 is a rewrite of Site Engine to be more XMLish. Site Engine was a rewrite of our Perl discussion software SF7 in Scheme. SF7 was a rewrite of SF6. SF6 was a rewrite of... OK, do you get the idea? SE2 is a piece of software with lots of experience (and lots of mistakes made in the past, hence all the rewrites). This one's for keeps, so we're taking the time to Do The Right Thing.

Basic Information

SE2 is built on top of open standards and normal internet protocols. Some of the standards we're harnessing at the moment include:


There's no neatly packaged downloads yet. Very soon, there will be access to the revision control system and snapshot tarballs, but we're currently mangling the database API. Please check back soon.

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